Exploring E-Textbooks: A Landscape View of the Perceptions and Usage at UCF

Florida Association of Educational Data Systems

Presenter: Aimee deNoyelles, Instructional Designer, UCF. Co-Presenter: Ryan Seilhamer, Instructional Designer, UCF.

Considering the State of Florida’s resource-challenged higher education environment, the careful selection of resources to support student learning is critical. As a resource, textbooks are an institution, but are being challenged. First the textbook is traditionally static, paper-based, and confined to the individual. Second, textbook costs are increasing and place a financial burden on students. “E-textbooks” which can be accessed via electronic devices could offer a solution. They have the potential to be more dynamic and interactive, and in most cases, are more financially feasible than textbooks. Realizing this potential, the Center for Distributed Learning at UCF wanted to know more about e-textbooks in order to inform faculty development. Given that 1% of the textbook sales at UCF’s bookstore are e-textbooks, we recognize a need to be proactive in the adoption of this technology. The purpose of the presentation is to explore how e-textbooks may address Florida’s educational needs by maintaining quality learning environments. This presentation will include the key findings from UCF’s student survey which provides a landscape view of perceptions and usage of e-textbooks. Factors include the current use of e-textbooks on campus, how certain features influence the decision to adopt an e-textbook, and perceptions of self-efficacy in e-textbook use and learning. We will conclude with suggestions for future action based on survey results. We expect the results will identify pertinent issues that any university in Florida is likely to face when considering a digital content initiative.

Presentation: Exploring E-Textbooks: A Landscape View of the Perceptions and Usage at UCF

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