Transforming Learning Spaces with Digital Textbooks 2013

Higher Education of Teaching and Learning Conference

Presenter: Aimee deNoyelles, Instructional Designer, UCF. Co-Presenter: Ryan Seilhamer, Instructional Designer, UCF.

The purpose of this presentation is to explore the ways in which digital textbooks are transforming learning spaces typically inhabited by traditional textbooks. For instance, with digital textbooks, readers can collaborate with notes, participate in a class poll, and share passages in social media applications, making the practice of reading a textbook more virtual, social and engaging than before. While promising, challenges exist regarding the integration of digital textbooks in learning spaces. There is a need for a more informed understanding of how faculty members and campuses are integrating and using digital textbooks to revolutionize learning spaces. This presentation will include the results of the University of Central Florida’s student and faculty survey which provides a landscape view of perceptions and usage of this technology. Factors include the use of digital textbooks on campus, how certain features influence adoption, and perceptions of self-efficacy in digital textbook use and learning. We expect the results will identify pertinent issues that any campus is likely to face when considering a digital textbook initiative.

Presentation: Transforming Learning Spaces with Digital Textbooks

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