Mobile OTTR

Mobile OTTR
Today we are excited to announce a new resource called Mobile OTTR. There are many apps out there that have the ability to support learning. Some resources exist which curate and review these apps; however, it can be time-consuming and overwhelming for an instructor to sort through a long list of apps and attempt to decipher how they could be best integrated into specific lessons. Learning objectives should be the foundation for any educational experience. The purpose of Mobile OTTR is to guide instructors to select mobile applications that align with learning objectives. Learning objectives drive the selection of mobile apps, rather than the other way around, which is often the case. Key features of the Mobile App:

  • Mobile OTTR organizes learning objectives into three categories, from basic to complex. The categories reveal actions verbs commonly associated with objectives. Each verb lists mobile apps that have the ability to support the objective. For each app, there is a description, list of associated verbs, list of available platforms, and information about downloading.
  • You can also “favorite” the apps, email information about the apps, or suggest a change to our team.
  • Users can suggest an app be added to Mobile OTTR.

Mobile OTTR is a Mobile Web App that can be accessed across many devices at the following address: Watch the following video to learn more:


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