From the Field with Mark Suman

Mark Suman

Name, Affiliation, Role? Mark Suman, Instructure, Product Manager – Mobile

Are you an Android or iPhone? iPhone

What is your favorite personal app? Day One. I love the designed simplicity of the app. It draws me in and unlocks the flow of memories unlike any other word processing app has been able to do.

Why is mobile learning so important in education? Mobile devices are personal. While the hardware is standard, the software experience is curated and customized by the user. No two device experiences are the same. In a world where education moves towards standardization, mobile devices allow for individual students to learn at the pace that is right for them. It also helps gather more accurate assessment data, as it is tailored to the individual user.

Where do you see mobile learning in 5 years? I see mobile driving the lossless learning trend in education. Devices will communicate directly with each other and report back more accurate information. All of this data will be built on top of solid analytics platforms. Educators will know more about student mastery of concepts due to a mobile device’s role as a personal tool in a student’s education.

What excites you the most about mobile devices and apps in education? The endless possibilities! Mobile devices can go more places and do more things. As we combine new mobile features together, we will unlock new capabilities in education that haven’t even been dreamed of. We’re talking about sci-fi stuff. Wearables and Nearables are going to be a building block for that future.

What do you think is the greatest barrier for mobile adoption in education Hardware costs. Faster revision cycles than laptops.

What advice would you have for an instructor unsure of using mobile technologies in the classroom? Don’t fear it, embrace it. Grab a device and start with something small. Students want to use their devices in and out of the classroom. Find ways to help them do that and you’ll turn the devices from a distraction to an invaluable tool.

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