Mobile Essentials for Faculty: A Course Overview and the Initial Impact on Faculty

UCF Mobile Essentials

Conference: ELI Annual Meeting 2015

Luke Bennett, Instructional Designer, University of Central Florida

This session will discuss UCF’s Mobile Essentials faculty development course. Originally presented at the February 2014 ELI Focus Session , the course was derived from the results of the 2012 mobile/e-textbook survey. Since the initial presentation, the course has been released and the first research phase has been completed. Along with an overall explanation of the course, the results of the first research phase will be discussed. The research represents faculty progression through the course, usefulness of the content to their classroom practice, and implementation of mobile technology in their courses based on their participation in the Mobile Essentials course.

OUTCOMES: Identify the process by which the Mobile Essentials course was developed * Identify important considerations that went into the production of the course * Review the implementation and deployment process of Mobile Essentials * Evaluate the research about the impact of the course

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